About WillowStar

WillowStar was born in New York City to a musician father and a forward thinking mother.  Music was in her bones.  She writes her own music and also plays creative versions of time honored hits.   “…As a wandering spirit, I took to the river and rowed boats down the grand canyon for several years, then made my way to Jackson Hole in the mid 90s.  I write songs inspired by my own journeys,  the collective state of affairs, or nothing in particular.   I love playing with life’s ironies so I’ll combine, say, an upbeat guitar riff with melancholy lyrics…I dig connecting with the audience and creating a shared experience in the moment through music, and my heart is always in it… ”

Her other bands include “Knock On”, a girl-band with Molly Moon Thorn, Jessie Lestitian and Susan(Sunami) Jones,   “Ted said Ed said”, “Girlio”, and “Femme Fire”, which are duets that include one of the fatales from the band,  “Pocket Change”, her original band backed by Johnny C Note on the bass, and Jacob “Jake” Gampe on the drums, and her jazz trio featuring her on vocals, Johnny C Note on Upright bass, and Chris Moran on guitar.

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